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    Marketing and after-sales service commitment of Mudanjiang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The whole process, all-weather, all-round, whole-hearted


    ● Provide you with free professional consulting services, develop a variety of plans for you to choose from, and recommend the most suitable products for you; 

    ●Specially design and manufacture non-standard products with special requirements for you according to your needs;  

    ● For special projects , provide free professional technical consultation for you, and draw up a detailed equipment construction plan for your reference; 

    on sale:

    ● On-site inspection of the construction site: the sales engineer will accompany the user to inspect the construction site and recommend the most suitable products for you. 

    ● Door-to-door delivery: According to the contract, it can be delivered to your door. After- 

    sales service:

    ● Provide free professional technical training to train qualified operators for you;

    ● Provide free on-site installation and commissioning guidance for you  ; Give you a satisfactory solution within 2 hours after receiving your quality feedback information; arrive at the fault site within 2 hours after receiving the service request in the city where the service station is located, and arrive within 12 hours in the province where the service station is located, and the province where the service station is not yet established Arrive within 48 hours; 

    ● According to the "Service Standard Procedure" of the product, we will regularly inspect the operation of the equipment for you, and guide the operators to maintain it; 

    ● If you purchase our products in bulk at the same construction site, we can provide you with permanent service. 

    ● To provide you with life-long equipment maintenance services. Everything is free during the warranty period, and everything is free except for maintenance parts outside the warranty period. 

    ● Establish a complete product use file for you.

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